Commonwealth Case Management, LLC utilizes a progressive person-centered software: FOCUS Community Support Systems.

FOCUS allows us to be:

  •    • mobile
  •    • efficient
  •    • paperless
  •    • person-centered
  •    • collaborative

FOCUS connects the participant's team in the spirit of "social media." With the evolving conflict-free case management requirement among waivers, the participant's team is often scattered geographically making communication difficult and inconsistent.

FOCUS ensures the participant is the central component of any process or workflow. Their information is stored in a clean, organized electronic "record" or "chart," known as the profile. Once demographic information is entered, that information is auto-filled into every form designated for that person. Changes such as address, weight, diagnosis, etc. are easily updated across fields and users. This not only saves time, it ensures accuracy, shortens processing time for Plans of Care, makes it easier to access from anywhere with mobile devices (iPads or laptops) and makes information easier to distribute, via encrypted email and secure electronic faxing.

For more information on FOCUS CSS or how to utilize it within your agency, go to: